K U R T H O H E N S T E I N . N E T

Kurt Hohenstein graduated from the University of Nebraska and University of Nebraska College of Law. He received his PhD in History from the University of Virginia. He specializes in United States legal, constitutional and political history. His article, "Just What the Doctor Ordered: The Harrison Anti-Narcotic Act, the Supreme Court and the Federal Regulation of Medical Practice" won the Hughes-Gossett Award from the Supreme Court Historical Society for 2001. During his graduate school career, he served as a Research Assistant for the National Commission on Election Reform.

His current work includes curating online galleries for the Securities and Exchange Commission Historical Society dealing with the career of William O. Douglas, insider trading, and the modern history of the SEC. He is at work on a project dealing with the Liberty Bond women and their connection with the 1920 campaign finance system. He is also writing an political novel about a runaway constitutional convention. He currently teaches at Winona State University where he is an Assistant Professor of History and Co-Director of the Law and Society Program.




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